Become A Linker

Become A Linker

Postby Jigsaw » Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:37 pm

There are many ways to help on our website. One of these possibilities is to become a linker and fill our database with new links. Current status: We're still looking for Linkers

Basically there are different levels for linkers. With each level the permissions are extended. Depending on the level, further functions and larger limits are activated. Our team decides whether a linker climbs up the level.

Level 1
  • link up to 15,000 links per month
  • manual check & activation of links
Level 2
  • all points from level 1
  • link up to 25,000 links per month
  • random link validation checks
  • automated verification & activation of links
  • Add new episodes
  • Add new TV-Series
Level 3
  • all points from level 2
  • starting at 50,000 links per month
  • Individual conditions & authorizations
  • possible API access

To become a linker, please post reply here.
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